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The Accelerator Program

Rev up your metabolism! This highly effective weight management and body sculpting system was designed by Michelle. The performance nutrition and fitness systems involved in this program are custom-designed. All systems were developed and based on the best eating programs on the market, along with the advice of many leading figure and fitness experts in the nation. The strategies are proven to be effective based on all the testimonials of so many diverse groups of people. It is the quickest way to target bodyfat and gain lean muscle without suffering or feeling like you are on a "diet". You do not have to take pills, supplements (are optional), and you do not count calories (unless you want to). You become a fat burning machine just through the type of foods used on this program alone! It is great for executives, moms, "busy bees", parents, brides-to-be and for those preparing for competitions or special occasions.

All services below are included in the ACCELERATOR PROGRAM package, but are also available a la carte:

Initial Consultation
This is usually done on the phone or in person. Consultations determine your goals and pricing. Important details are discussed related to the program and what direction is best.

Body Compositions
Your weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate with activity & without) various bodypart measurements, hip to waist ratio, and a nine-point body fat reading determine the plan of attack. The formulas that go into making your program a success are determined by these readings. Your results will be tracked bi-weekly and guarantee your success.

After your consultation and body compositions are done, please complete:
The Lifestyle & Health Intake Form.

This helps with the development of your program since it is custom-designed. The Accelerator Program manual is emailed to you at this time. You also should include a front, side and back photo of yourself in tight clothing or a bathing suit.

Performance-Based Nutrition Plan
Performance Nutrition plans are easy to follow. What is considered are normal eating patterns that are determined by you. Eating is timed based on your daily schedule. You will not eat foods that you do not favor, or be expected to fulfill a program that is not realistic for you. The food evolves around activities that you report or agree to do. Calories, fat, protein and carbs are distributed throughout the plan at times they will not have an adverse effect on the body, but will support your efforts in the gym. In turn, you burn fat, gain muscle and experience a sustained release of energy throughout the day. Emphasis is place on before and after workout meals so that performance in the gym is optimized. The program is "zig-zagged" so the distribution of calories, protein, carbs and fat are rotated to meet your performance levels each day.

Substitution List: A substitution list is provided with all programs and is simple to follow

Supplementation Option: A list of nutritional supplements will be suggested. These can be ordered through Michelle or purchased elsewhere. Individuals who have busy schedules and may skip meals opt for alternatives to meals and utilize protein bars or shakes. This is for convenience. Other suggested supplements do not involve anything that is known to put a client at risk. It is up to the client to read labels and do what is best for them. However, supplementation has been proven to be highly effective to accelerate results. Clients will not be encouraged to use anything this is illegal, such as, steroids. Fat burners and diet pills will not be suggested and is up to the client to research and take on their own with a doctor's approval.

Fitness Systems
Your Fitness System is well balanced and involves every type of exercise you need to reach your goal. If you are already active in the gym this is evaluated and rebalanced, but only if needed. In most cases, what you are doing is not working or you would not be coming to ME to begin with. You will receive solid direction on what exercises to do and when. There is a method to the fitness system you will receive. They are unique to this program and change every four weeks so that the workouts progress with your strength and endurance gains. The workouts have been researched and developed due to what is effective and scientifically proven to be the best. They guarantee the shaping of muscles. By approaching muscle groups in a specific order and varying routines, you will not believe how quickly your body parts change. This program is well rounded and includes a variety of exercises that include detailed weight training. cardio, ab/core work, stretching/yoga/pilates (if needed) that are set at your fitness level.

Fitness & Performance Training:
If you are in the vicinity that Michelle provides services, you have an option to train with Michelle or one of her "partnership trainers". Michelle will match you with the person who is the best fit for your personality and training needs. Training would be in place of a training program, unless the training program is necessary.

You can also join group sessions. Boot camps are run regularly. Just request a schedule. Clients can "go for the gusto" and opt for entire weekends spent with Michelle to PRE-START programs. Food is provided, along with cooking instructions and training all of your bodyparts. Accommodations can be made for "out of towners".

Please E-mail for more information.

Updates for Program

It is important that you update your program approximately every four to six weeks. The body will go through various stages. As you lose weight, gain muscle, lose body fat and inches, it is important that you change your program and that it evolves with you. You will receive new calorie, protein, fat and carb distribution. These changes are mandatory and give you an opportunity to receive new food and exercise choices to prevent boredom and to continue to accelerate you towards your goals. Overall, these changes help further assist the metabolism and muscle development so that you do not hit a plateau, but can reach the pinnacle your body has to offer.

Bi weekly Check-ins
The check-ins are mandatory and guarantees the success of your program. It is also when you get to see how quickly following this program pays off. You will receive a chart with your staring body compositions and each two weeks. Your results will be logged on this chart. If you are out of the area, you will be given direction on how to do them on your own. Edits can be made to programs at this time and feedback given.

Online Coaching
You can email all you want with as many questions as you want. You can request edits and changes to your program. You will receive answers in no time so that you can strategize and take charge of any obstacles you come up against. Solutions are given and direction that will leave you educated on what is best. There are no bad questions. All questions are good and help further your education so that you maintain long after the program is done.

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